Thursday, 6 September 2012

#6 Installing Flash 10.2

Intalling Flash 10.2
Ok, now were back to getting are system ready! Now we need to insall Flash 10.2 for Mozzila Firefox. This is so later when we install Nessus (port scanner) we can use the GUI in the Mozilla Firefox
This is prity simple and quick! so dont worry it wont take you the best part of an hour!
Fist start your Backtrack VM, connect it to the internet and open Mozilla Firefox and go to the address in bold below and download the file. Its just the flash file we will be using.

Save the file to your desktop.

Now open a terminal and enter the code in bold below:

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins

This will make a folder in Mozilla Firefox's directory called plugins. This is were we will be moving the file we downloaded.

We just need to change the terminal current directory so it can find the we downloaded. using cd will tell the terminal to chage directory and entering the directory path after cd will show the terminal the new directory. This can be seen in the code in boldbelow, enter this into the terminal.

cd /root/desktop

Now we will move the file using the code in bold below. Just enter this into the terminal and the file will move itself to the correct place.

mv -f ~/.mozilla/plugins/

To check this work go to youtube in Mozilla Firefox and try place one of the videos.

(note: dont forget to disable Mozilla Firefox addon NoScript because it blocks flash applications)

If that worked then your all done!

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