Thursday, 6 September 2012

#7 Quick Sound Fix

Quick Sound Fix
After my last tutorial were i asked you to watch a youtube video to test Flash Player install worked, i noticed that the sound in this version of backtrack was not working.
This is was quickly fixed and only took five minutes of my time!
Simply goto your desktop and select
System->Preferences -> Startup Applications
Now press the button:
You asked the Name, Command and comment. Just match them up like below by entering the text in bold below:

Name: Pulseaudio daemon
Comment: Start the sound daemon
Once you have filled in all the information then press

Now logout, then login again but you may need to activate the sound on your VMWare to because i had to.

Its simple to do, just look in the lower right hand corner were we activated are wireless network adapter in a prevouise tutorial. This time look for the one that looks like a speaker and right click it and press connect.

Now we should get sound on a VM!!!

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